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21th of May 2019

One of Europe’s weirdest bands: Winny Puhh is an Estonian metal/punk band formed in 1993. The founding members, Ove, Indrek, and Olavi knew each other from their school. In 2009, the drummer Olavi Sander temporarily left the band and was replaced by Kristjan. Later however Olevik returned and the band has two drummers now.

Band Members
Diktor I; Doktor O
Jürnas Farmer; Traktor I
Professor S; P.A.X.

24th of June 2019


Cult Leader is an American hardcore punk band that formed in 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was founded by three members of Gaza following the band’s break-up.

Birds in Row is a French hardcore punk band that formed in 2009 in Laval and is composed of three members, “T.”, “Q.” and “B.”.

Band Members Cult Leader
Sam Richards – BASS
Mike Mason – GUITAR
Casey Hansen – DRUMS
Anthony Lucero – VOCALS

Band Members Birds in Row

20th of July 2019


Well-steeped in the heroic tales of their Austrian heritage, ArnoCorps take ancient myths such as “Predator,” “Commando,” “Terminator” and “Total Recall” and set them to a sonic onslaught known as action-adventure hardcore rock ‘n’ roll. While many in the press have foolishly mistaken the Austro-Californian pioneers as an Arnold Schwarzenegger tribute band, ArnoCorps actually seek to expose the shameless exploitation of their ballsy folklore at the hands of the Hollywood hype machine. Through ArnoCorps, the world can finally hear these cherished legends in the way they were meant to be told, empowering listeners to unlock their own potential to become “goddamn heroes and sheroes”.

Band Members
Holzfeuer (vocals); Vielmehr Klampfe (guitar)
Erich Nagelbett (guitar); Öddum Kriegtroll (guitar)
Inzo der Barrakuda (bass); Karl Dichtschnur (bass)
Baron von Trotz (drums)

26th of July 2019


Like food of the gods, rock ‘n’ roll nourishes the soul. Offering holy communion, Crobot proudly personify a trinity of “meat, strings, and emotion” within their music and during the raucous and raging gigs they remain known for. Striking a delicate balance between hard-charging riffs, ass-shaking funk, and out-of-this-world reflective stage attire, the Pennsylvania quartet—Brandon Yeagley [lead vocals, harmonica], Chris Bishop [guitar, vocals], and Dan Ryan [drums], satisfy starvation for sonic sustenance on their fourth full-length and 2019 debut for Mascot Records, Motherbrain. James Lascu and Eddie Collins share the role of touring bassist for Crobot.

Band Members
Brandon Yeagley – Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Chris Bishop – Guitar, Vocals; Dan Ryan- Drums
James Lascu- Bass