[ Clip Officiel ] / BOOBA Cover

Original Music: Booba.
Composing and Music: Caruso.
Additional instruments: Amaury Suzat (guitar) / Yoann De Danier (percussions)
Directed by: Julien G.Szantaruk & Yann C.Selakovitch
Sound: Nicolas Goudineau / Studio Mysound – Montrabé (31)

Figuration: Elsa Maure, Esther Joly, Elise Gov, Florian Baudrain, Julien G.Szantaruk & Yann C.Selakovitch, Amaury Suzat & Yoann De Danier

This clip was shoot to the Café Théâtre des 3T – 40, rue Gabriel Péri 31000 Toulouse / http://www.3tcafetheatre.com

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Instagram, Youtube & Twitter : @carusofficiel

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